Summary of the UN/Japan Nano-Satellite Symposium

[ Day 4 ]

Venue: Port Messe Nagoya (Communication Center-Meeting Hall)

UN Space Education Curriculum Session

  1. Education Curriculum Session

“Space Engineering Education Curriculum Session” by Dr. Werner Balogh, United Nations
Presentation <PDF >

“Education Curriculum on Space Engineering” by Prof. Fitz-Coy Norman
Presentation <PDF>

“Introduction to Space Engineering Curriculum at Kyushu Institute of Technology” by Prof. Mengu Cho
Presentation <PDF>

“Understanding Space” by Dr. Jerry Sellers
Presentation <PDF>



“ArduSat: Your Arduino-Experiment in Space” by Mr. Peter Platzer
Presentation <PDF>


“United Nations Education Curriculum Session” by Mr. Andrade Elias
Presentation <PDF>








2. Discussion and Approval of the Recommendations and Observations of the Symposium by all participants
“Recommendations” by Dr. Werner Balogh, United Nations
Presentation <PDF>






Closing Session
Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka
Dr. Werner Balogh





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