We would like to encourage you to submit papers in the following or related fields:

Session 1: International Collaboration in Micro/Nano Satellite Utilization

Developing ideas for advanced mission payloads and designs that utilize micro/nano satellites (e.g., constellation, on-demand operation) under international collaboration.

Session 2: International Capacity Building Program

Building world-wide space technology with a focus on micro/nano satellite programmes (e.g., UN-BSTI, UNIFORM, CLTP), which will encompass national, regional and international initiatives and cooperation.

Session 3: Micro/Nano Satellite & Debris Issues

Focusing on debris environment, satellite safety against debris, debris release suppression, orbital life decay argumentation, structure for debris minimization.

Session 4: standardization of Micro/Nano Satellite Technologies

Standardizing micro/nano-satellite-related technologies to improve the reliability, simplify the interfaces, promote the worldwide trade, make the satellite data more accessible, and encourage newcomers.

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